Bryn Swartz

Bryn Swartz, 26, has been writing about Philadelphia sports since September 2008, when he published his first article on why Ryan Howard should win the National League MVP award. Howard didn’t win the MVP, but one month later, the Phillies did win the World Series. So in a span of six weeks, a new writer was established, and a city ended more than 25 years of heartbreak.

Over the last seven years, Bryn has written thousands of articles, ranging from the Philadelphia Eagles to the NFL to the Phillies to MLB to local college and high school sports. At one point he was the number one ranked NFL columnist on Bleacher Report, now one of the most-trafficked sports sites in the world.

As a writer, Bryn will always bring lots of stats and numbers to the table, especially when it comes to ranking the best quarterbacks in the National Football League. While he’s skeptical of the Sam Bradford era in Philadelphia, he knows that if there’s one coach capable of turning the former number one overall pick into a future Super Bowl MVP, it’s Chip Kelly.

You can follow Bryn on Twitter for all things Eagles, NFL, and Philadelphia sports at @eaglescentral.

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